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Haiti – Part One

What an incredible experience.  I spent 9 days in Haiti on the initial stages of our efforts to re-build an orphanage that we have become affiliated with.  QUBE | INC along with The NayaSophia Foundation (www.nayasophiafoundation.org) aims to re-build/build this small orphanage that currently supports 12 children. As I stepped off the plane, it was … Continue reading

Need Extra Storage Space in Your Home?

Have a small place and quickly running out of storage ideas? Check out these cool ideas that can be easily done. Add drawers to your existing bed, or buy/build a bed with drawers.  This can add at least 6 large drawers for clothes, magazines, and other personal belongings! Need a guest room but don’t have … Continue reading

Prepare Your House for Sale!!

Ready to sell your house? How can you make it more appealing to a buyer? Here are 10 tips to get your home ready for the market: 1) Change your attitude!  You have to stop looking at your house as ‘home’ and as an investment.  Your home is likely one of your largest investments and you … Continue reading

When is something considered green material?

Until we know when something is considered green, we can not begin to reduce the use of materials.  Green material is something that does the most with the least, it fits in harmony within the ecosystem processes, it helps eliminate the use of other materials and energy, and contributes to the attainment of a service-based economy.   To be able to well understand … Continue reading

Harvesting Rain Water

Many of us are aware that running the tap while rinsing or washing dishes, brushing our teeth, or  over watering the lawn is wasteful.  Many Canadians already conserve water by being careful with over running the taps, but what are other ways for saving fresh water? Environment Canada reports that municipal water systems leak up … Continue reading

Bad Reputation

 Thanks to decades of unimaginative work, concrete has developed a bad reputation for a dull, boring medium for use in construction.  Things are changing and they are changing rapidly.  Having said that, some of our most amazing contemporary architecture has used concrete in creative ways.          In recent years, architects to scientist … Continue reading