Need Extra Storage Space in Your Home?

Have a small place and quickly running out of storage ideas?

Check out these cool ideas that can be easily done.

Add drawers to your existing bed, or buy/build a bed with drawers.  This can add at least 6 large drawers for clothes, magazines, and other personal belongings!


Need a guest room but don’t have the space for it?  How about a Murphy bed?  This is great solution to a space problem.  Depending on your home, you can arrange for the Murphy bed to be wall or ceiling installed!



Want to add a powder room but don’t have the space?  Minimize the space you need to make this addition by adding a hide-away sink!


Need an office but don’t have a room for it?  Turn one of your closets into a hide-away office!


One of my personal favourites! Turn your staircase into shelving space!! This solution is great for upper duplexes but works for any home type!


Turn under your staircase into shelving space and drawers with this great idea!  Adds tons of room to hang clothes and still leaves room for more!


QUBE |INC can help with all your custom storage needs.  We can add these cool ideas to the design of your new home or we can help you retro fit it in your existing space!


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