Prepare Your House for Sale!!

Ready to sell your house? How can you make it more appealing to a buyer? Here are 10 tips to get your home ready for the market:

1) Change your attitude!  You have to stop looking at your house as ‘home’ and as an investment.  Your home is likely one of your largest investments and you want to make the best return on it as possible.

2) Take great photos!  Less time and more technology means that your buyer is likely first searching and screening potential homes online.  This first look may determine whether the prospective buyers will want to come see your house.  Your photos should impress and set an emotional desire to see and want to ‘live’ in the home.

3) A Welcoming Appeal!  This is curb appeal.  Bad curb appeal can deter a potential buyer from the get go.  Here are some tips on how to improve your curb appeal:

– walk around the house and ensure that the path and the perimeter of the house are clear of objects such as

   toys, bikes, garbage cans and hoses

– pay attention to your landscape.  Ensure that bushes, vines and plants are trimmed as necessary.  Keep the

  lawn cut and watered, leaves raked or snow removed.  Put a planter with flowers at the entrance, if the

  time of the year permits

– Scrub and wash the front porch, the door and door trim, the mailbox and polish the street number.

– put all the small items away from the patio/deck in order to not distract the eye from the available space

4) De-clutter!  Remember that your buyer wants to see space, above all else.  A clutter house gives the impression that is not well maintained and that it is smaller than it really is.  Go through your house, room by room and remove all non-essential items.  Here are some areas to pay particular attention to:

– Floor – no piles on the floor anywhere

– horizontal surfaces – take everything off, then put only a few items back.  No knick knacks, photo displays, large collections, magazines, bottles/jars, small appliances and anything else that might distract the eye from the features of your property.

– book shelves – put your books and magazines upright and in order

– closets – every closet has to be cleaned out until they all look spacious and well organized

– garage – has to be de-cluttered and emptied, the prospective buyers will be considering how much space is available in your garage

– Furniture and wall hangings – too much furniture impedes a good traffic flow in the house and makes it look smaller.  Less is more!  The same goes for art and accessories.

5) Clean and Fix!  Make sure the house is clean! This may seem obvious but a very important point.  Make sure every room is clean, that there are no cobwebs or dust bunnies in the corner.  Also fix small but visible problems.  Is a door handle missing? fix it! These issues if not taken care of make a house undesirable.

6) Painting!  Painting is a cheap way to freshen up a house.  Try to choose a neutral colour that will appeal to everybody.

7) Update!  A simple change in minor things can completely change the look of your home.  Kitchen handles can be updated and will completely change the look of your kitchen.  Changing light fixtures can also have the same effect.  Even a new bed spread, pillows and lamps will make a world of difference to a potential buyer in how they feel when they come into your house.

8) De-personalize!  The idea here is that you want your buyer to concentrate on the house and not on personal items around the house.   You need to make your house appealing to as broad of a range of people as possible.  Therefore making the house as neutral as possible will help you reach this goal by removing religious or political items, diplomas, family photos and collectibles.

9) Add Light!  A bright house is a more appealing house.  Open all the blinds and curtains in every room.  Add lamps were necessary.

10) Optimize Space!  Manage your space with proper furniture and accessory placement.  For the living room, arrange the furniture in a conversation setting with a focal point.  Use a painting or a vase filled with green apples to add warmth.

Although this seems like a lot of work…and it is, but the work will pay off!

Good luck and happy selling!


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